ARA Circular Design

Get ready for the circular economy

Smart packaging design will be essential to meeting the EU’s collection and recycling targets. The requirements include markedly higher recycling rates (e.g. 50% for plastic packaging by 2025), and all plastics packaging should be recyclable by 2030. ARA Circular Design is an opportunity for you to get ready for the EU Circular Economy Package and plastics strategy.

What is ARA Circular Design?

Design for recycling:
Improving the recyclability of packaging

Design from recycling:
Using more recycled material

What's in it for you?

  • You fulfil your responsibility as a producer.
  • Your packaging enjoys wider consumer acceptance.
  • You build your position as a sustainable company.
  • You shrink your ecological footprint.
  • You make sure recyclability and sustainability play a key role in the development of your packaging.
  • You contribute to the circular economy by creating a use for high-quality secondary raw materials.
  • You optimise processes and cut costs.
  • You take proactive steps in light of possible legal changes (eco-modulation to ensure that compliance fees reflect the materials’ environmental impact).