Sustainable recycling service for coffee pods

Nespresso has partnered up with ARAplus and ARES to ensure the environmentally friendly recovery of its coffee pods in Austria.

The company has made a voluntary commitment to set up collection and recycling schemes for its used coffee pods to fulfil its social responsibility and protect our planet’s resources.
Nespresso works with one organisation in each country that is chosen for its superior knowledge of the regional specifics.
In 2009, ARES was awarded the contract to set up a countrywide, independent and above all sustainable collection and recycling scheme for used Nespresso pods.

Countrywide coverage in Austria

Today, Nespresso customers can drop off their used pods at more than 1,700 collection points (Nespresso boutiques, Nespresso trading partners and municipal recycling centres). In addition, customers in Vienna can use the (currently around 6,200) blue bins for the collection of metal waste.

The coffee pods are recycled at a state-of-the-art recycling facility in Austria. A special recycling process is used to extract the coffee from the aluminium pods. While the aluminium is made into castings, the coffee grounds are turned into biogas and then electricity.

“Recycling aluminium and coffee helps save resources. It is a key element of our sustainability programme ‛The Positive Cup’.”

Oliver Perquy
Market Director Nespresso Austria